Trade Data 


Artificial intelligence, Big Data Analytics and trade intelligence platform

At present, red tape and lack of information creates unintended obstacles for the progress and financing of trade across Africa and the vetting of buyers and sellers. Trade facilitation through data and insights is increasingly important towards creating a transparent and well governed World of global and regional value chains.

AiInsightsTM is AfricaPLC’s Online Trade Artificial Intelligence Big Data, Analytics, Business Leads and sectoral news platform for community members, African traders, global trading companies and import-export banks and credit insurance agencies financing and investing in African trade transactions.

AiInsightsTM bridges the trade information gap by:

  • Processing and transforming public and private sector trade data, into valuable trade intelligence, to increase transactions and trading on AfricaPLC marketplace.
  • Address the impediment to intra-African and Africa’s global trade competitiveness, through the provision of insights with real-time, reliable trade and counter party information.

AiInsights unique offerings include:

  • Bespoke African trade data sets;
  • African Buyer Due Dilligence and Credit Checks
  • Tariff and customs information and data;
  • A Who is Who’ directory;

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