Global Money 

Remittance Module

  • AfricaPLC Virtual Bank Platform – Global Money Remittance Platform
  • A Complete International Money Remittance Platform.
  • Can Send and Receive Payments worldwide.
  • Integrated with the mayor payers and banks with over 200 API integrations.
  • Currently integrated to most of the mayor payers in Africa.
  • A Pan African Payments and Settlement platform covering all countries.
  • Fully integrated with MoneyGram.
  • Supports all money remittance payment types including bank deposits, office pickup, home delivery, wallet deposits.
  • Complete Compliance and Screening functionality including real-time connection to PEP and Watch Lists.
  • Fully vetted by the Central Banks of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland as well as all the major international banks.
  • Supports all currencies.
  • Supports all countries, hundreds of payment networks and thousands of banks integrated.
  • Integrated with block-chain networks.

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